During preparation:

  1. You shouldn’t make GATE such a big thing that your not able to focus on studies in normal manner. Like (i have to do it anyhow, it’s my last chance, it’s very difficult, what if not …).
  2. You shouldn’t avoid taking full length tests (previous year gate papers/test series). Taking test under strict exam condition every 3–4 days is a must from now on.
  3. You shouldn’t study more than 8 Hrs on an average (on some days you can stretch even for 12/14 Hrs) to avoid busy hard work not so good quality of study.
  4. You shouldn’t keep formula revision for last days, instead practice them daily.
  5. You shouldn’t waste lot of time on specific topic/question.
  6. You shouldn’t totally depend on “shortcuts”. Real problem solving capabilities are required to score high AIR in GATE.
  7. You shouldn’t thing only good subject knowledge is enough. Focus on speed and improve concentration to avoid silly mistakes.
  8. You shouldn’t study day before exam. You shouldn’t go for exam with less than 7 Hrs sleep.

In the examination hall, during those most critical 3 Hrs:

  1. You shouldn’t aim for 100% attempt and 100% accuracy. It will create unnecessary pressure.
  2. You shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes you made during IIT JEE exam and missed IIT then.
  3. You shouldn’t get very excited/nervous . Keep it normal.
  4. You shouldn’t leave easy questions for last. Finish them first.
  5. You shouldn’t make any question ego issue. Remember you need not to attempt 100% ever for AIR in 100.
  6. You shouldn’t fall in TRAPS. There are few question, where you will feel, yes I am almost there, it will be done in next 1 minute. And after exam you realize you wasted solid 8 minutes on that.
  7. You shouldn’t miss to read “TRUE”, “FALSE”, “CORRECT” and make silly mistakes. IT’s OK if 4–5 questions go wrong but more will hurt you.

Finally, one “should”. You should take break during exam. Don’t worry investing 30 seconds in stretching/deep breathing will not take away “all” of your valuable time. These breaks will make you “normal” again and avoid all kind of silly mistakes. It’s easy to suggest but the challenge is, can you remember to take break during those three hours!