There is big misconception among GATE aspirants that only knowledge decides AIR.

The more the knowledge you have the more questions you will solve correctly, leading to better AIR.

This question is also reflection of same. We are thinking in terms of classical “work and time” aptitude question. Like if nx is total work to be done to score AIR in top 500, i will have to work (study) x hours every day for n days.

While GATE demands following qualities/characteristics from aspirants:

  1. Commitment: Long term commitment to finish almost 15 subjects with quality study.
  2. Analysis: Good analysis power, which is required to solve any real life engineering problem.
  3. Imagination & creativity: Even engineering solution require “creativity”.
  4. Speed: An engineer must have good enough problem solving speed to be “productive” in any organisation.
  5. Accuracy: Pretty obvious.
  6. Capacity: Well, can we imagine anything significant engineered with out engineers have their brain actively user for 7–8 Hrs per day?
  7. Courage: If you are the first person on the earth to do something “new”, guts are required.
  8. Self respect & self discipline: Again obvious.

Now, please estimate how many hours you will need to develop these and similar qualities? Answer will be:

It depends, where I stand today and how fast I change myself. So please figure that out and get started.

If you wonder, are these qualities really tested by a simple 3 hour computer based exam call GATE, consider following carefully:

  1. How many students blame “silly mistakes” for only reason to miss AIR in top 100?
  2. How many students complain “i could not handle pressure” after exam?
  3. How many students repeat same exam year after year and always score marks in same range or similar AIR?
  4. Why should be school students among toppers, when they get 365 days less than a repeater and have to study for board/other exam along with preparation.
  5. Why not even 10% engineers able to score 25% marks in GATE?