Two final-year students of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Netaji Subhash Engineering College have come up with a unique safety gadget.

The project was undertaken in collaboration with Jadavpur University , under the guidance of Professor Chira Ranjan Datta. Subhajit Bhattacharya and Alik Sen, the students who developed the system, elaborated on the project. It is designed to enhance the safety of citizens in their residences or workplaces and also provide concrete evidence which may come in handy in the event of a crime.

The project involves a smartphone-based security system that can be unlocked only with authorised smartphones. “This is particularly useful for housing complexes with multiple gates controlled by security personnel,” said Subhajit.

The gates will be controlled by a sensor and it will store phone information like PUC number of all the residents of the complex.So, the sensor will unlock the gate only if it senses a known smartphone. Besides, it will maintain a log of every person entering the gate -making it easy to capture a person in case of any crime. “We have made the prototype and it is working great,” said Alik, adding that the model is yet to be tested in a real situation.

Source: Times of India