In the present competitive world, developing professional skills is essential for everyone, including students and professionals. Not only can one learn from the top lecturers, but they may also obtain internationally recognized qualifications. Here are some of the courses that you may enroll in right now to advance your profession.

1.Course on Advanced Corporate Strategy from IIMB

IIMB hosts the 6-week course through Swayam, and students who want a deeper dive into corporate strategy should take it. It expands on the IIMBx course “Strategic Management,” which dealt with single-business-firm plans. The strategic difficulties that organizations functioning in more complex, multi-dimensional contexts encounter will be the primary emphasis of this course. To apply, Click here.

2.Course on Remote Sensing and GIS Technology from ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organization offers a two-week online course on remote sensing and GIS technology for graduates through the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing(IIRS). Candidates who have knowledge about space science and are interested in learning more can take the course from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from September 14 to 28, 2021. Certificates will be offered upon successful completion of the course. To apply ,Click here.

3.Google offers a free online course on Machine Learning

Google is offering a 15-hour free online course, “Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow APIs”. The course comprises one hour of study material for users, as well as real-world case studies, video lectures, and hands-on practical activities. Participants interested in Machine Learning, Pandas, NumPy, calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and other related topics can apply. Google offers the course as an introduction to Machine Learning Problem Framing. To join, Click here.

4.Online Course in Cloud Computing and DevOps from IIT Roorkee

The Wiley Innovation Advisory Council, faculty from IIT Roorkee, and renowned business leaders in emerging technologies designed the seven-month programme, which begins on September 12. Professionals with two years of experience, programming and debugging skills, knowledge in one programming language, and knowledge of computer systems are eligible to enroll in the course, which will result in a joint certification from IIT Roorkee and Wiley. The Cloud Computing and DevOps certification will be added to the existing AI for Digital Business and eCommerce and AI for BFSI courses, which will assist students in obtaining a thorough understanding of cloud skills. Click here, to apply.