Thinking back, days have evolved us a lot and so do our each way of doing things. First, we had a ‘Guru’ where their ‘Sishyaas’ would search for them. Then after we had schools where ‘Teachers’ came in search of ‘Students’. Soon after, Teachers became ‘Tutors’ and Students became ‘Learners’ now. Still though the way of doing things has changed, but the doing never changed. So if you’re hunting to learn a new subject of this evolving world, check out the trending courses of August 2021 here,

  1. Fashion and Sustainability : Wondering Fashion with Sustainability? Yes, here you’ll learn about the main issues, agendas and contexts relating to fashion and sustainability in a changing world. So to help change the world with sustainable fashion techniques, enroll on the course by clicking here!
  2. Antimicrobial Stewardship : World Economic Forum has listed antibiotic resistance on its global risk register alongside climate change and terrorism. It is a six week course for any health care professionals who are willing to learn about the University of Dundee and the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy to learn how antimicrobial stewardship can slow down or reduce antibiotic resistance. Click here to enroll in the course today.
  3. Innovation : Innovation can be said as the bridge of magic and reality. To learn about the history and developments of innovations that are important in our daily lives and to find the innovative thinking of innovation with you, enroll today by clicking here!
  4. Cancer Medicines : Cancer is a disease that has taken lives, just in a moment. But that moment comes when we do not check out the proper health status maintenance. To learn about the progress and offering solutions for cancer patients globally, enroll in the course by clicking here!
  5. Forensic Facial Reconstruction : In this exciting course by the University of Sheffield, you’ll delve into the forensic technique of facial reconstruction with experts who’ve been involved in real criminal cases. Click here to enroll today for the course to learn about the detective techniques taught by experts.
  6. Researching Project : If you’re a university student who’s searching for the successful completion of your research project, this can help you by the fundamental online research techniques and boosting your research skills. Click here to enroll in the course.
  7. Science Writing : If you’re fond of Science and its wondering outcomes, boost your science writing skills with a CDP-verified course today by clicking here!
  8. Starting a Business 2 : Entrepreneurship is the backbone of any economy to be successful. So if you’re eager to start your own business and grow with them, learn about working with people and exploring networks in business to tackle the business growth by clicking here!
  9. Impact Investing : Learn how the power of finance can generate financial returns in this course by the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Asha Impact, one of India’s leading impact investment and policy advocacy platforms by enrolling in the course by clicking here!
  10. Starting a Business 3 : Here, you can learn about the competing industry and techniques for your profit of growth to tackle and survive in the running industry. Click here to enroll in the course.
  11. Starting a Business 4 : In this series of ‘Starting a Business’ course, you’ll gain an understanding of how business works and performance can be improved so that you can take your business forward and manage growth. Click here to enroll in the course.
  12. Heart Health : The one living that keeps on working for our lives is the heart. Here you will learn about the causes of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and heart failure and how to prevent them. Click here to enroll in the course.
  13. Managing your online identity : When the world goes digital, it is our concern to keep our identity safe and secure. In this helpful course, you will explore the enhancement of your online identity using social media tools. If you’re interested in boosting your online presence, this is the course for you. Enroll today by clicking here!
  14. Understanding Fashion : In this 4-week course lecture, you will learn about the next step of fashion to business culture. Enroll in the course by clicking here!
  15. Global Eye Blindness : Blindness and visual impairment may not be an issue you hear about all the time, but it actually affects around 285 million people worldwide. 75% of blindness is not a disability. So here we learn about the causes and types of cases associated with blindness. Click here to enroll in the course.
  16. Anatomy : You’ll be focusing on the abdomen in this course by the University of Leeds, learning some common anatomical terminology and how to identify the positions of organs within the abdomen. Click here to enroll in the course.
  17. Genomic Medicines and Research : In this course by the University of Exeter, you’ll learn how translational research in genomics can deliver health, social, and scientific benefits to communities. Click here to enroll in the course.
  18. Health Technology Assessment : When the world is moving fast with technology, it must be pacing in the field of medicinal and health development. To learn more about them and its methods, enroll today by clicking here!
  19. Liver Disease : Liver failure is a serious disease that should be taken care of. To overcome it and methods to take care of your liver are learnt in this course. Click here to enroll in.
  20. Making Babies in the 21st Century : Human reproduction has existed since the dawn of our existence, but this course will tackle human reproduction in the age of technology, and explore six different areas of assisted reproduction. You’ll look at the social, ethical, and legal challenges of some of these new techniques, and evaluate what the future of making babies could look like. Click here to enroll in the course today.

Source : Future Learn