As the 2020 lockdown has brought in remote working, business disruption and discontinuity many companies and institutes have introduced free courses in AI and Data Science.   

Courses at Coursera:

 In March, Coursera decided to launch a new, free, impressive course collection. Courses like data science, cloud technology and more are available everywhere for anyone exploring new career paths.    

Nanodegree programs by Udacity:

Udacity offers a free month access to one of 40 premium nanodegree programs. Skills from high-tech courses like machine learning, data analytics, software development, programming language etc. can be acquired within a month depending on the learner’s devotion.    

Edx offers free course:

Edx offers free courses through its remote access program to deliver educational content to university students and edX partners participating in the initiative.

Data visualization course on Tableau:

Great learning offers a free data visualization course on Tableau, which is one of the leading BI tools. It covers concepts such as Tableau fundamentals, visual analytics, introduction to data visualization, and more.    

Courses by Udemy:

Udemy offers a wide range of courses in data science, data visualization using Python and R Programming, deep learning and more. 

Courses by AWS on edX:

The course titled as ‘Amazon sage maker: simplifying ML Application development’ is conducted by AWS instructors on concepts such as integrating ML into apps, using Jupyter. This month-long course includes lectures by experts, discussions and demonstrations.

Harvard university’s free course:

Harvard University offers a 4-week free course called High-Dimensional Data Analysis.  It covers various aspects in data science such as  mathematical distance , dimension and more.

AI course by AI4ALL:

AI4ALL announced a free AI course module called ExploreAI  that can be availed by high-school teachers with a free online lesson to engage students around AI’s role in the current crisis.It covers courses on how AI can be used to tackle varying parts of COVID-19 outbreak. 

Statistic course by IIT Kanpur:

 IIT-Kanpur offers free statistics courses in assistance with a professor from the department of mathematics and statistics.  The course with a wide range of topics  can be downloaded from the IIT Kanpur’s website.

Data science course by Alteryx:

Alteryx announced the introduction of three data science courses along with a collaboration with Udacity to offer complimentary access to Udacity for 30 days.The course engages, encourages and enables candidates to gain concepts from data fundamentals to predictive analytics. 

Amazon’s machine learning University:

 Amazon announced to make the online courses by its Machine Learning University, the MLU classes will be available via on-demand video, along with associated coding materials.The course covers topics such as natural language processing, computer vision, and more while addressing various business problems. 

Yann LeCun’s deep learning course:

The deep learning course by Yann LeCun called the Deep Learning DS-GA 1008 at the NYU Centre for Data Science was made free. The 14-week course will cover various techniques in deep learning such as supervised and unsupervised deep learning, embedding methods, metric learning, convolutional and recurrent nets, and more

IIT Kharagpur online course:

IIT Kanpur recently announced two new free online courses on data science on the SWAYAM NPTEL platform. These courses are suitable for UG students with science and engineering backgrounds, apart from working professionals in the analytics domain. From basic mathematical and statistical concepts to sampling theory and regression analysis, the courses cover a wide range of topics

IIT Madras online course:

 IIT-Madras, in association with NPTEL platform, launched two new free online courses on artificial intelligence. The free courses aim to help students gain problem-solving capabilities using artificial intelligence. 

Src : Analytics Indian magazine