NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning) is a MOOC (massive open online course) platform run by the government.

Model guidelines

The best part about NPTEL is that its course registration is free. There are no NPTEL diploma courses available. Students need to pay a nominal fee for NPTEL exam registration, then appear for the exam and to receive a certificate after completion of the online NPTEL courses.

NPTEL’s online certification curriculum is based on the model guidelines given by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

10 Best Online NPTEL Courses

1. Advanced Computer Architecture

This Advanced Computer Science Architecture course is a Swayam NPTEL course for computer science that will help students understand the fundamentals of computer organization. Students will learn about topics like cache memory principles, superscalar processing, and primary and secondary storage systems. The duration of this NPTEL course is 8 weeks, which is coordinated by IIT Guwahati and taught by Prof. John Jose. 

2. The Joy of Computing using Python

This NPTEL certificate course will cover topics such as what loops are, scratch, how to solve looping problems, recursion, anagrams, and much more. The duration of this NPTEL computer science course is 12 weeks, which is coordinated by IIT Ropar and taught by Prof. S.R.S. Iyengar via NPTEL.

3. Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning is very much in demand, hence the machine learning courses and certifications too. Beginning with an introduction and then heading to other topics such as hypothesis space and inductive bias. The duration of this machine learning course is 8 weeks, which is coordinated by IIT Kharagpur and taught by Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar.

4. Big Data Computing

In this NPTEL course, Students will learn about the Hadoop stack in detail and parallel programming with spark, Hadoop MapReduce, and CAP theorem. The duration of this course, which is one of the popular NPTEL certification courses, is 8 weeks which is coordinated by IIT Patna and taught by Prof. Rajiv Misra.

5. Optical Fiber Sensors

Students will learn optical fiber sensing principles and technology, associated specialty fiber types, as well as components needed for their system integration in this course. The duration of this course is 2 weeks which is coordinated by IIT Madras and taught by Prof. Balaji Srinivasan.

6. Power Electronics

This NPTEL online course belongs to the Electrical Engineering discipline, in which students will understand the basics of magnetic components such as inductors and transformers, to design and optimize inductors as well as transformers for switched-mode power converters. This NPTEL courses for ECE that is coordinated by IIT Delhi and taught by Prof. G. Bhuvaneswari via NPTEL.

7. Signal and Systems

This NPTEL certificate course for ECE named Signals and Systems will give you an introduction to analog and digital signal processing, seismic data processing, speech processing, communications, image processing, consumer electronics, defense electronics, and consumer products. The duration of this course is 12 weeks, which is coordinated by IISER Bhopal and taught by Prof. Kushal K. Shahvia of NPTEL.

8. Basics of Materials Engineering

The objective of this mechanical engineering course is to introduce the fundamental concepts of materials science. This covers different concepts like the structure of crystalline materials, the processing of materials through phase diagrams, defects and their implications for mechanical behaviour, and so on. The duration of this NPTEL online certification course, which is coordinated by IIT Madras and taught by Prof. Ratna Kumar Annabattula, is 4 weeks.

9. Automation in Manufacturing

This NPTEL course in mechanical engineering is designed with the main focal points being the designing and development of automation-enabled systems for manufacturing, the use of mechatronics, the systems required, sensors, transducers, drives, actuators, mechanisms, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. The duration of the NPTEL online certification course is 4 weeks, which is coordinated by IIT Guwahati and taught by Dr. Shrikrishna N. Joshi via NPTEL.

10. Advanced Concepts in Fluid Mechanics

This course is one of the electrical engineering courses and certifications that deals with advanced concepts in fluid mechanics. The duration of this NPTEL certification course is 12 weeks which is coordinated by IIT Kharagpur and taught by Prof. Aditya Bandopadhyay and Prof. S. Chakraborty via NPTEL