In today’s world, it has become relatively easier to choose offbeat careers like comedy, filmmaking, digital marketing and music production. More students now prefer to follow their passion instead of the traditional engineering or medical courses.

The current scenario

The demand in fields such as social media management and digital marketing has increased by 400% percent, according to a survey on LinkedIn.

With more students wanting to turn their passion into careers, the demand for conventional courses has dropped in recent years.

Career counselors say that two out of ten students end up choosing a career related to their hobbies and are keen to take up courses relating to those fields.

Students are beginning to test-drive off-beat fields with the help of online courses that give them an overview of life in that profession.

Some students may prefer having a safety net and fall back on family businesses or a well-paying corporate job. In those cases, they can pursue these courses they are interested in, online.

Choosing off-beat careers

It is never too late to start working on what you are truly passionate about. A few ways to get started could be:


  • Understand that you can do everything you think you can. Learn everything you can about your field of interest. The internet contains a plethora of subject-specific knowledge.
  • Alternatively, you could consider a few online workshops or courses.
  • Pay close attention to developments in your area of interest and try to contribute as much as you can.
  • Seek opportunities to work and get practical experience in the field if possible. This will help you boost your CV and also create lifelong connections

Offbeat lucrative career options available :


: Anyone with a high end camera can click a few appealing shots these days. However, photography has a lot of technique and science to it and needs a focused diploma or course. You can choose to freelance or work on the payroll of a firm. While, initially, your pay may be less in the field, once you create a name for yourself, your pay can go up significantly higher. There are also different specialisation areas within photography like weddings, underwater, forensic, wildlife, still photos, travel, investigative/journalism based, movies and documentaries, etc. Check out

Product design

: There is increased demand for good product designers in the market. The range of products that need a good engineering and aesthetic sense can just be anything from mobile phones and other hardware devices to stylish footwear. National Institute of Design is a leading institute in India that offers courses including graphics & animation, ceramic design, textile, furniture and targeted product design. Check out

Home decor design

: While this is another area of design, the real-estate boom has provided a good platform for this as a career. People are ready to spend more on home decor and tasteful furniture now than ever. With the need for a good eye on design and good visualisation and imagination, there are also several automation softwares that one needs to learn to become a good interior designer.
However, salaries can vary between extreme ends and so you need to have the perseverance until making a name for yourself in the field. Other than NID, you can also check out

Event management

: The scope in event management is interestingly varied. From organising birthday parties to being theme based wedding planners who make big bucks, the options are out there. Big corporates are looking for event planners to organise their parties. Someone with natural leadership skills, the meticulousness to put together things and strong communication skills are ideal for an event manager. While, there are focused courses on event management, a general management course also equips with the right exposure and skills. Check out


: Do you have a young MasterChef at home brimming with interest about food and the culinary experience? With the growth of hospitality and the hotel industry and an increasing international population in India, the need for chefs with a discerning knowledge of international cuisines is on the rise.

Pet groomers

: Pet grooming is a relatively new career with booming potential. This is for natural pet lovers, who love to care for the health and hygiene of pets. The clientele is now extending beyond the rich and celebrity profiles to office going individuals and couples who are looking for an integrated solution of kennel and styling for their pets. Some veterinary knowledge is also a must to pick up on medical ailments. While, there are pet grooming courses available, developing a keenness for pets from an early age certainly helps. Check out

Styling and make-up specialist

: With several international products and techniques easily available in the Indian market now, hair styling and make-up industry have really come of age. While styling requires a natural flair, there are a lot of tools and techniques and dos and don’ts when it comes to the profession. There are opportunities for styling celebrities, TV and film artists or you could also work as a consultant with magazines or fashion/cosmetics based firms who demand the expertise.

Fitness trainers

: A fitness trainer is one with a combined knowledge on fitness, health, nutrition, exercise and holistic living. The changing lifestyle and the increased focus on fitness is seeing a huge demand for fitness trainers who are qualified and trained to work with their clients. Check out


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