Tech Education is the foremost that needs attention. Improvement in this sector is essential to empower students. Keeping this mind, the Maharashtra Govt. has come up with a unique plan to revamp tech education in the state.

What is it?

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the state directorate of technical education (DTE) has formed a core advisory committee to bring in quality improvement in technical education offered across Maharashtra.

How will it be done?

The 19-member panel, which comprises industry captains, heads of reputed technical institutions and senior government officials among others, will serve as a consultant body for the state government.

The panel is expected to meet at least twice in every academic year. DTE acting joint director, Mumbai region, SP Yavalkar, who is an ex-officio member-secretary of the core advisory committee, on Sunday, said that the panel would have a long-term positive impact on technical education as the committee is expected to help the DTE fine-tune and shape policies.

He added that technical institutions offering both degree and diploma programmes would fall under the panel’s ambit.

Source: Times of India