The quality of teacher training in India has always been a matter of debate in India. Recently, World Bank had highlighted a global learning crisis and stated that while more children were in schools now than before, they were not necessarily learning anything. This simply means that schooling and learning cannot be and are not synonymous. While there are initiatives which aim at ensuring that children are enrolled in schools, these are not completely suitable to ensure the quality of education at schools.

It is a common consensus that the average teaching quality in India, which is an important determinant of learning outcomes, is not of  reasonable standard. In addition, there has been a lack of any framework in the past which could assess the quality of Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs). TEIs, as believed, do not promote academic excellence.

With a view to address the quality of TEIs and to rank TEIs so as to help students make an informed decision about where to enroll, NCTE has come up with a framework system. The framework named TeachR, will not just assess the TEIs but also tweak the system so as to promote TEIs to provide better education and force those engaged in malpractices to exit the system.

The Framework will assess TEIs on the following criteria:

  • Physical assets
  • Academic assets
  • Teacher and Learning quality
  • Learning outcomes

The TEIs were notified in due time to register and complete a self-assessment form available on the NCTE website. As per the timeline set by NCTE, in December 2017 it will carry out a proctored test for the TEIs which registered for rankings and will reveal the final rankings for the TEIs on March 31, 2018.

Source: NDTV