Inspite of the fact remains that success in life neednot necessarily be academic related, at an early stage in life, doing well in academics is seen as a vital sign and hence a requirement.

Therefore always every parent and teacher strive hard for their kids to academic succeess through various support system. But today’s educational success requires not just rote learning but competitive participation like MCQ based test, gamebased learning,virtual learning etc.

Teachers in all schools predominantly have mastered the conventional chalk and talk methods. They need support in quiz based exams and virtual engagement methods.

When a child fails conventionally it’s looked upon as the teacher’s and hence school’s failure by evaluators. But in this new age, it’s fault as a society. It’s our fault as a nation.

If we look at the consequence of how it affects us all, we will pay for our crimes in the form of increased crime in our community, the cost of increased incarceration, the loss of productivity from those incarcerated, the diminished image our nation will have on the world stage, the diminished innovation that could have been brought on by those currently incarcerated, and the wholesale loss of generations of poor and oppressed people across this country.

A child cannot fail – not without our help and complicity. If that child does fail, it is on all of our backs. Teachers, parents, educators, the community, and most importantly, the government that turns a blind eye to the suffering of its citizens.

Educational support systems like Needbook shall provide that extra limb for parents, educators and schools to support their mission.

Let’s together build our nation