Super 30, which is best known for coaching students from humble background for IIT, has done it again.

The students of the organisation have won an aeroplane model-making competition in Japan.

These Super 30 students were selected in September through the ‘solve and win’ contest competed with students of 30 other groups from across the globe and kept the Indian flag aloft, said a statement.  These five students are Ujjwal Priyank, Aman Nasim, Subham Raj, Aditya Prakash and Sidhant Mohan.

“The students were given certificates after the results were announced, but later Super 30 became a talking point among all, as did Bihar, the land of Buddha as Japanese know the state as,” Super 30 said in a statement.

It was an aeroplane model-making competition.  The students were asked to prepare a design with paper and make it fly.  The one flying the fastest and for the longest duration was to be adjudged the winner.

As the participants got down to their job, Super 30 students from modest backgrounds proved their worth with their plane flying to make everyone take note of its trajectory.

Later, Nobel Laureate Hideki Shirakawa — who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2000 — took the students to his lab where he worked to achieve international recognition and showed the students some of the experiments, including passing of current through a bad conductor like plastic.  He was impressed with the students.

Source: The Indian Express