In a bid to attract foreign students in Indian varsities, the government is launching a special program called “Study in India”. The Education Worldwide India Leaders Conclave and International Students Fair 2018, recently concluded with this focus.

What was the need for this?

As per the recent data, almost six lakh Indian students leave the country every year to study abroad, while only about 40,000 foreign students come to India to pursue higher education. Aiming to increase the inflow of foreign students to Indian universities, the union human resource development (HRD) minister Prakash Javadekar announced April 18 as the launch date of the Study in India programme. The government of India’s new mission for Study in India programme is to bring 10 lakh foreign students into the country.

Importance of it

Speaking about the importance of Internationalisation of education at the conclave,  Sahasrabudhe said: “The country of our size where we have about 800 plus universities, 40,000 plus colleges and 10,000 plus technical institution, we have a huge potential to attract students from all over the globe.”

“One of the programme launched year and a half ago is named GIAN- Global Initiative of Academic Networks under which foreign faculty from any university can be invited to an Indian institution for a week or two. The expenditure will be taken care by the HRD Ministry. About thousand faculties from different part of the world have been visiting different institutions in India.”

Things Discussed at the conclave

The conclave was a robust platform for all important stakeholders in the education industry to debate on the major current trends in the education sector — Globalisation of education and innovation in education both from the point of view of technology and infrastructure. The conclave also shed light on the importance and difference between universities/ institutions ranking and ratings in the education system. In the side-lines of conclave, an international education student fair was also organized that witnessed participation of more than 900 students across the country.  The event was inaugurated by chief guest Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe, chairman – All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in Delhi.

Source: The Pioneer