The schools and colleges are finally resuming after a long period of closure. For the time being, food sharing, cultural events, study tours, and other activities are no longer a school happening . The reopening is with extreme caution; therefore, it is equally important to follow the norms and regulations set forth by the institution and the government.

Know the risk

The health and safety of children remain a key concern. Parents’ concerns are understandable, but we must maintain a balanced approach to health and education. No one knows for sure when the epidemic will end or how long the virus will persist. Therefore we need to gain a better understanding of risk assessment and build a clearer outlook. Holistic learning includes not only textbook learning but also physical, mental, social, and emotional development. It is critical to understand and maintain a safer exposure in the current situation so that our family, friends, and anybody we come into contact with are completely protected. 

When everyone in your family thinks like this, your entire family is safe; when each family in a city thinks like this, the whole city is secure; and when it extends to a state, the entire state is protected. That is the only way to combat the disaster that is unfolding all around us. Above all, “prevention is better than cure.” So why take a chance?