Now you can start your own start-up and earn a Ph.D. from IIT-Delhi. Confused much? Well, this is true. In recent move to help start-ups, IIT Delhi is planning to allow it’s Ph.D. students convert their thesis into start-ups.

Amazing! Right? Let’s dig deeper.

What is it?

IIT Delhi will give it’s students an option to start their own venture at a separate incubation center set up by IIT. It will surely be a great boost to the startup ecosystem in India and will allow researchers to start their own venture.

What’s in store?

As reported by Mint, V. Ramgopal Rao, director of IIT-Delhi said: “It will be a platform to harness deep technology from blockchain to artificial intelligence via young companies. The aim is to convert thesis to start-ups,”

Rao said, currently, some 25,000 researchers are pursuing doctoral studies at centrally funded technical schools (CFTIs). And IIT-Delhi will tap a portion of them and give them the option to start their own venture at a separate incubation center.

How does it help you?

  • Those who will be shortlisted will be provided a monthly compensation “at par with the industry salary” to pursue their start-up journey.
  • Besides, such candidates will be provided with seed capital, free mentoring, accommodation, and access to IIT-Delhi labs.
  • And the IIT will also help them connect with venture capital funds to raise money if they need any.
  • IIT-Delhi also said that they are setting up a separate incubation center at Sonepat, Haryana to incubate around 50 companies every year.

Source: Bizztor