Compulsory and holistic education for all children was a cherished dream of the new government of the Republic of India. This is evident from the fact that it is incorporated as a directive policy in article 45 of the constitution. But the current case scenario of the system of education in India makes a mockery of the word holistic. Education has turned into a decorative process while it was designed to be utilitarian.
We live in an ecosystem that encourages rote memorisation that facilitates a behaviour of cramming and forgetting rather than trying to develop a reasoning skill to rationalise our skills intrinsically. That is where lies the difference between a well developed mind and a well formed mind.

There is a plethora of content available illuminating the faults and imperfections of the educational system but so far none have been able to provide solution to this lopsidedly developed system of ours . That is where we come in. We intend to provide a radical change to the outlook of education.

There are four stages of learning. The first stage is when you are unconscious of your incompetence , the second stage is when you are conscious of your incompetence , third stage will have you conscious of your competence and the fourth stage will make you unconscious of your competence. Our aim is to encourage students to complete the first two steps at a very young point of their educational journey, making them enter the third stage where they become aware of their competence in a particular field and finally elevate their potential to an extend where their competence in that field will allow them to propel their confidence to pursue what their heart desires and change thereby creating true professionals at a very young age.

Child labour is a curse that has ridden our nation for decades. It is a burden which a nation can never afford to carry. But what if we turn this gruelling phase of a child’s life into a circumstance where he gets paid for his work in something he is zealous and passionate about.

We intend to pick out the curious and inquisitive ones, find out what they are inquisitive about, give them training in their field of passion and make them take initiative in completing tasks that their calibre will allow them and thereby creating a source of revenue that will help them in their career. Change is inevitable and change is the only thing which brings out the true potential and character in an individual. Let us change for the better.

Source: New Indian Express