Chandigarh is soon making solar roof top plants mandatory for all houses and buildings occupying more than 100 sq.yards in the first of its kind clean energy drive in the country.  Houses on plots of

  • 100-500 Sq. Yards- to install 1 KW solar plant
  • 500-1000 Sq. yards- to set up solar roof tops of 1 KW
  • 1000-3000 Sq. Yards – to set up 2 KW solar plant
  • > 3000 Sq. yards – to install 3 KW solar plant.

1 KW solar plant will generate 4-4.5 units of power per day.

The completion certificate of new houses would be produced only if the solar plant is fitted.  1 KW solar plant costs Rs.85, 000 and the Govt. of India is giving subsidy of 30% on roof top solar panels.

Source: The Economic Times