A Singapore-based international school plans to invest Rs 150 crore to set up five new campuses in India, according to a top official. The Indian-curriculum-based Global Indian International School (GIIS), which expanded its operation from Singapore through Asia over the past 16 years, will make an investment of Rs 50 crore investment in a new campus in Amaravati of Andhra Pradesh.

“We are ramping up GIIS presence in India in main metros to enhance the availability of digitally-led school education,” Rajeev Katyal, Deputy Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Country Director said. GIIS is also planning its SMART campuses in Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur and Mumbai.

“Technology driven education introduces robotics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management), touch screen and virtual classrooms in school environments,” said Katyal.

GIIS India operates nine campuses in eight Indian cities and 23 campuses in seven countries in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Source: The Indian Express