SIET has undertaken embarked on a new journey of empowering the visually impaired students. The institute has come up with a unique idea of audio classes for these students.  With the aim of bringing these visual disabilities students to the mainstream, the state institute of educational technology (SIET-Kerala) is introducing teaching materials in audio format with help from Prasar Bharathi.

The first episode of ‘Kettu Kettu Padikkam’ was broadcast through All India Radio at 9.16 pm on Friday.

The Program

Instead of the usual practice of reading out text for the blind students, the SIET will focus on making the format appealing to the students through creative experiments. “We are planning to explore the possibility of audio skits, plays etc. As demanded by teachers our focus is on subjects like science and maths, which are comparatively tough for students with visual disabilities. The first episode, for example, has its focus on biology and the topic is ‘learn from nature’,” said B Abura, SIET director.

The SIET is responsible for the planning, research, production, and evaluation of digital contents like video, audio programmes, multimedia objects, software etc for educational purpose. The episodes will be broadcast regularly from April 20 in a 30-minutes slot from 9.16pm.

“Around 100 clips will be generated initially. They will be broadcast through Doordarshan too in the 6.30am – 7am slot. After conversion into CD format they will be distributed free in schools for the disabled,” he said.

Aburaj said that a teachers’ pool will be formed to create content. “Soon a workshop for teachers and experts in the field will be conducted to gather more ideas. We are also planning to send teachers and education technology coordinators to attend courses at K R Narayanan Institute of Visual Arts and Science. The fee will be paid by the SIET,” he said.

Content Driven

Currently, the content will be developed in such a way that it can spark the interest of blind students from Class 1 to 12. Initially, they will concentrate on science subjects. The SIET also has plans to develop content for non-science subjects.

Education minister C Raveendranath while introducing the first episode said that education will become meaningful only when the marginalized are brought to the mainstream.

Source: Times of India