When we speak of mental strength, Sheryl Sandberg’s powerful and heartwarming speech, aftermath the death of her husband immediately comes to mind. Now, the trailblazer lady has decided to take it others as well. The Facebook executive and Lean In author is teaching a mental toughness to prospective students in her free online classes.

Sandberg later turned her heart-wrenching experience into her book Option B, co-authored with star Wharton professor Adam Grant.

Now the pair is bringing all their research and real-life insight into how to persevere when life wallops you with setbacks to a new venue — a free online course offered on LinkedIn.

Resilience is a skill you can learn

The quick course consists of nine videos of around two to three minutes each that delve into topics including how to talk to others who have experienced a loss, how to raise resilient kids, how to take back joy after a setback, and the importance of gratitude, even in the face of hardship.

It’s built upon a simple but powerful idea: Resilience isn’t something you have, it’s something you build. Rather than a character trait, grit is a skill you learn.

“I remember asking Adam, ‘How much resilience do I have? How do I figure it out? How much do my kids have?” Sandberg recalls of the dark time following her husband’s passing in the emotional introductory video. “He said it was the wrong question. The question is not how much resilience do you have, because there’s not a fixed amount. You build resilience. So what I should be asking him is, ‘How do I build resilience?”

“It’s a skill set that we work on throughout our lives,” agrees Grant in the video, who cautions that the time to learn extreme mental toughness isn’t after you face a loss or a setback. “It’s something we can build long before we face any kind of tragedy or difficulty.”

With this skill, you are ready to take on life and equipped to deal with all kind of setbacks and challenges that life throws at us. To know more visit LinkedIn

Source: Inc.