You don’t expect references to ‘Candy Crush’ at an education fair.  But for close to a thousand students hoping to pursue higher studies in Sweden, inspiration was anything but textbook on Monday.

“Somewhere there is a customer lying at home, crying at night, because they don’t have what you have to offer,” said Donnie SC Lygonis, Technology Transfer Manager at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

That’s one of the eight universities reaching out to Indian students as part of the 6th annual edition of Sweden Education Day.  The event was organised by Business Sweden along with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish institute.

The seminar on innovation and how to convert your project ideas into a business covered everything from Candy Crush to Skype to True Caller – all start ups that hail from Sweden.

And in course of the seminar, Lygonis who himself has started a wide range of companies covering everything from healthy ice cream to animation to online fitness training covered how to filter a good idea and the do’s and don’ts of execution.

To further illustrate the appeal of Sweden on grounds of innovation, he pointed out that Sweden was now considered second biggest tech hub in the world on a per capita basis.

“Not bad for a country with a population of 10 million.  That’s roughly how many people there are in Bengaluru!” he surprised a few folks in the audience.

The universities represented at the fair included the Stockholm School of Economics.

As part of other collaborative events of the Swedish Embassy this week, “There is also a Nobel Memorial Wall at Express Avenue and a Swedish Film Festival at the Russian Cultural Centre,” said Niklas Eriksson, Frist Secretary – Environment, Climate and Energy, Embassy of Sweden in India.

Source: The New Indian Express