Rajesh Gokhale getting ready to set up a new lab inside the NCL Venture Park in Pune, which will colloborate on research work with National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) .

His first firm, Vyome Biosciences, is on the late stages of developing an anti-dandruff and other anti-bacterial products

Research Work : First project treatment and cure for leucoderma, the white patches on the skin.

Lab ordered Chemical reagents and buffaloes which get such white patches.

Drug companies are not interested in finding a solution to leucoderma, as white skinned people do not find it a problem. Gokhale, the director of research body Indian Institute of Integrative Biology (IGIB) in Delhi, thinks he has done some new science that could help develop a drug.

He was awarded the restigious Bhatnagar Prize for research on how the tuberculosis bacterium builds its formidable cell wall.