Students of an elite school in Assam’s Sonitpur district have undertaken an initiative to build a road, which is washed away every year during monsoons, as well as toilets for girls by raising money from their allowance.

Last week, 850 students of Assam Valley School (AVS) at Balipara, about 200 km northeast of Guwahati, contributed Rs 3.5 lakh to pave a 90-metre road to Khelmati weekly market near Balipara and build toilets for girls from underprivileged families.

A good monsoon in Assam means six months of rain, sometimes more, making rural roads slushy and almost unusable.

The school’s Social Service League comprising 60 students of middle-level and senior classes, allocated Rs 2 lakh for the road-paving project involving the laying of cement blocks.  They engaged masons but decided to do the bulk of the work themselves.

Source: Hindustan Times