The students in schools located in dense areas like T. Nagar have a higher chance of contracting respiratory disorders.  This was revealed, from 204 students each from a in T. Nagar and the Kendriya Vidayala School on IIT campus in Adayar, all aged between 14-17 years, over 6 months, survey by the Institute of Community Medicine, Madras Medical College.

The common respiratory disorders are asthma, upper respiratory tract inflammation of nasal, sinus, throat and tracheal airways and reduction in growth of lungs in young people.

71% of air pollution is caused by vehicular traffic, 9% by domestic and 20% from Industries. This has a major impact on human health. 55% of higher prevalence of respiratory symptoms in T. Nagar.

The following ways were suggested to lower the risk.

  • Reducing the indoor pollution by the way of burning of wastes like paper and leaves can be avoided.  A wet mob or a cloth can be used to clean the class rooms instead of brooms which make the dust to settle in the premises.
  • Another crucial factor is increasing the nutritious levels, which can build the immunity marvellously to combat these ailments.
  • To maintain good hygiene inside the school campus.

Source: Times of India