The two sisters Malvika and Radha are your typical teens.  What sets them apart is the fact that both are school dropouts and they did what they are best at.

Even without Class X or XII certificates, 17-year-old Malvika, made it to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The young girl, who received informal education, had found it difficult to get admission into Indian institutes like IIT, which has a rule that one needs to pass Class XII.  Her sister Radha, 16, is an expert mountaineer and an ace photographer.

Residents of Wadala area of Mumbai, Malvika and Radha are the daughters of Raj Joshi, an engineer and Supriya, who works with different NGOs and does work related to unschooled education and informal education.

Malvika has bagged two silvers and a bronze at the International Olympiad of Informatics, or ‘Programming Olympiad’ and is now studying Computer Science at MIT, Boston.

Radha is a good photographer and a student of the prestigious Jawaharlal Institute of Mountaineering & Winter Sports, at Pahalgam, in Jammu & Kashmir, where she bagged the Best Student Trophy 2016.

Both have not acquired conventional school-college education by sheer choice, they do not have the SSC (10th) or HSC (12th) certificates as proof, but they are far ahead of others.

Source: Deccan Herald