Nearly a year after the launch of the National Education Policy(NEP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a range of initiatives. The government will be implementing the new initiatives from the upcoming academic year, which begins in October.

Under the policy, undergraduate and graduate students can design their education to their interests. Thereby taking the students into a new era of learning in which they receive a quality education from their dream colleges and field of interest. According to the Academic Bank Credit system

  • Students can take half of their courses at their parent institution or the institution where they are enrolled. The remaining half can be designed based on the student’s interests, using any combination of papers from any university – a set of universities-either offline or online.

For example,

An English student enrolled in a university can plan up half of her curriculum by combining papers from several universities, taking up English, sociology, and biology.

  • Credits earned from courses and universities will be stored in the Academic bank of credits (ABC) and eventually redeemed for a degree from the parent university.

Current System

Futuristic System (NEP based)

Have to follow a fixed course curriculum in the enrolled institutions. Students can choose courses and colleges based on their interest.
Students have limited opportunities to follow their field of interest. Promotes the complete growth of learners to make them professionals in the competitive world.
Students will remain under the institution until the complete duration of the course. It also enables students to transfer from one university to another. 
Slow learners find it hard to follow up.  Slow learners can benefit from a learning environment that fits their abilities and potentials.
Lacks behind making the students find their true potential. Allows students to understand their capabilities better and cope with stress and worries
Institutions are independent to make rules and set standards. Institutions will have to raise their standards in order to enroll students.
Can be under UGC,AICTE, or other regulatory bodies. Work on the basis of Academic Bank of Credits

Although some people are worried about the degree’s value, the NEP only succeeds if all Higher Education Institutions(HEI)change their academic rules and sign up under ABC.

The new regulations, according to Abha Dev Habib, a teacher at Delhi University’s Miranda House College, said:

“said the new regulations would also promote online education and reduce the need to hire teachers, thus “jeopardizing (their) employment and service conditions”.

 “Besides, the dilution of coursework will damage the employability of the degree holders further,” she added.

Another professor at Delhi University’s Miranda House College, Richa Raj, said that the ABC system wasimposed without sufficient discussion and amidst a pandemic.

Although the New Education Policy offers many options and opportunities, some people still oppose it. Every change has a beginning, although, in the Indian educational system, it is a remarkable one; Let’s hope that it gives value to the education system

Source: Telegraph India