A set of theory topics along with a project activity are grouped together to form a specialization or Minor.

A student who has completed all the topics and project will be awarded a Minor certificate.

The theory topics are self-study modules (through Coursepack) with proctored quiz to be administered by local faculty. Project activity will be designed by IIT Faculty and conducted by local faculty.

QEEE Minor Topics

Signals, Systems and Communications – IIT Faculty for Capstone Project to be identified

  • Classification of Signals and Systems
  • Fourier Transforms
  • Time domain analysis of first and second order system
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Frequency domain Representation of Continuous Time signal
  • Convolution
  • Introduction to Signals and Systems
  • DSP Labs
  • MIMO And Massive MIMO Wireless Communication
  • Modern Wireless Communication Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems

Networks and Network Security – Prof. Sivakumar, IITB

  • Computer networks
  • I/O Streams – Input and Output Streams Interfaces Packages Collections and Vector Files
  • Network Layer
  • Routing Algorithms
  • Information Security and Cryptography
  • Public Key Cryptography

Digital and Embedded Design – Prof. TG Venkatesh

  • The Nitty- Gritty Of Logic Gates To Processor Design
  • The Nitty- Gritty Of Logic Gates
  • Computer Organization And Architecture
  • Digital Electronic
  • Digital System Design
  • ARM Architecture In The Embedded Systems
  • 8085 And 8086 Microprocessor Architecture Assembly Language Programming And System Design
  • Low Power Design Issues In Embedded Systems
  • Combinational And Sequential Circuit Design

Language Processors – Prof. Supratim Biswas

  • Pointers
  • Operator Overloading
  • Introduction to Compilers
  • Compiler Design
  • Syntax Directed translation