Minor IIT Faculty
Data Sciences Prof. Raghu
Signals Systems and Communications Prof. Radha Krishna Ganti
Networking and Security Prof. G. Venkatesh

Components of Minors:

Each minor has coursework topics (offered in QEEE/MOOCs) and project activity (listed on qeee.in). Students are required to complete atleast 6 of the mentioned coursework topics and the project activity to be eligible for the minor certification.


The lecture content and recorded videos are available in the Coursepack. The student can self-study or local faculty can conduct the sessions. Local faculty to conduct the Proctored Quiz and Proctored Assignment before the mentioned deadline. The coursework is considered as complete only when the student gets >50% in both Proctored Quiz and assignment.

Project Activity: 

The project activity is designed to give a hands-on learning. The practical’s can be attempted/completed before completing the coursework. Please note that it is not mandatory to complete the coursework and then take up project activity. The project activity alone can also be registered. The evaluation of practicals is automated.


On the completion of a topic/project activity, a certificate for the completed topic/project activity is awarded to the student. On completion of atleast 6 topics and project activity under the given Minor, the Minor certificate is awarded to the student.

The last date for the students to complete the project activity is April 30th, 2018.

Source: QEEE