Many of you might be aware of the QEEE program, whose main feature is “Live Classes”, wherein, one faculty (from a reputed institution such as IIT etc) teaches several classrooms at multiple colleges simultaneously. These sessions allow for live interaction between the students and teacher.

QEEE is successfully stepping into Phase 9. With the wide variety of courses offered in the regular QEEE program, Listed below are the newly offered NPTEL courses as well as Re-runs which is to be offered in the Jan-Apr 2018 QEEE phase.

The finalized dates for the QEEE lectures are up in our official website (

NPTEL Courses
 1 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
2 Control Engineering
3 Manufacturing Process Technology II
4 Introduction to Internet of Things
5 Embedded System Design
6 Matlab Programming for Numerical Computation
7 Cloud Computing
8 Better Spoken English
9 Real Time Operating System
10 Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python
11 Data Base Management System
12 Power System Engineering
NPTEL Re-runs
 1 Concrete Technology
2 Design of Reinforced concrete structures
3 Design of Steel Structures
4 Refrigeration and Air conditioning
5 Digital Circuits and Systems
6 Programming using C++
7 Information Security
8 Basic Electrical Circuits
QEEE Re-runs
 1 Compaction of Soils
2 Heat Transfer
3 Basic Graph Algorithms
4 BJT, MOSFET And Amplifiers; Frequency Response
5 Object Oriented Concepts-Classes and Data Abstraction-
Operator Overloading-Inheritance
6 Design of Feedback Control Systems

Source: QEEE