Two courses together from IGNOU

As per current rules and regulations of UGC (University Grant Commission), the student can now do two-degree courses at the same time which is applicable for regular courses as well as distance course.

As per the UGC Circular dated 30th September 2022, the students can now pursue two full-time courses at the same time. These guidelines will be applicable to those students who either want to pursue two regular degree courses together or two distance degree courses together.

UGC Rules are Applicable for IGNOU University

Before the new announcement from UGC, simultaneously pursuing two academic courses either from IGNOU University was not permitted but one from IGNOU and the other from Regular University (regular or face-to-face mode) was permitted as per revises rules including Certificate programs of 6 months duration. After the most recent notification on 30th September 2022, IGNOU students can now also do two regular courses as well as two distance courses at the same time

The current rule of simultaneous registration is applied for certificate courses as well which you can understand here with more details. Students who are already enrolled in a program of one year duration or longer can also simultaneously register themselves for any certificate course of 6 months duration. If any clash of dates of counseling or examination time table between the two courses taken, IGNOU will be not responsible to make an adjustment or shifting the dates of it.