Last month, Microsoft said a bunch of new features are coming to Windows 11, and today, the firm is announcing availability. The biggest news is that Android apps are available for non-Insiders to start using in preview today.

The Windows Subsystem for Android is here

Windows 11 was initially available with just 50 apps, which were carefully curated by Microsoft and Amazon.

Now, anyone can use it if you meet the hardware requirements, and it’s going to offer over a thousand apps.

To get started with Android apps on Windows 11, go to the Microsoft Store -> Library -> Check for updates. After the Store app updates and restarts, you can search for the Amazon Appstore.

To get started with the new apps, just check for updates in the Microsoft Store. If you already followed the steps for getting Android apps, these new apps will have been automatically installed during that process.

The Redmond firm also said that moving forward, it’s going to release new features for Windows 11 rather frequently. It’s still going to stick to one big feature update a year, but dropping new features through experience packs should be less disruptive.

Windows 11 is getting some Windows 10 features on the taskbar

One key feature that people found missing from Windows 11 was the ability to include your clock on a second monitor. If you’ve got a second monitor, you’ll see the time and date from now on.

Another Windows 10 feature that’s coming to Windows 11 is weather on the taskbar. News and Interests got replaced by Widgets in Windows 11, but the entry point for News and Interest, which was a weather indicator, went away. It’s back now.

One last thing that’s coming is a mute/unmute button in the taskbar, which is obviously meant to be used for calls. Also, if you hover over an icon in the taskbar, you’ll be able to share that window.

The new taskbar features are available to anyone that installs this month’s preview update.

New Media Player and Notepad apps

Non-Insiders are finally getting the new Media Player and Notepad apps, as Microsoft continues to modernize legacy applications for Windows 11. Microsoft says that the new Media Player app has a full-featured music library that will automatically import all of your things.

For Notepad, the big new feature is dark mode, and it will use your system theme by default.

Source: QXDA