Leaving behind the standardized education system and opening arms to a ‘degree-free’ radical learning is the Udaipur-based Swaraj University.

It offers a two-year learning programme for youth focusing on self-designed learning.

With no specific prescribed syllabus, learners are free to choose their own subjects and develop a multidisciplinary curriculum.

Reva Dandage, Founder of Swaraj University, said that the programme aims to revive the traditional approach to education in India.

Some of the fields explored by learners are:

  1. Making jewellery out of waste and natural materials
  2. Organic farming
  3. Theatre
  4. Sewing
  5. Pottery
  6. Cooking
  7. Writing
  8. Film-making
  9. Ayurveda
  10. Healing
  11. Naturopathy
  12. Psychological
  13. Counselling
  14. Handicrafts

Source: Times of India