National Education Policy Alliance, India’s diverse group of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), has started an avant-garde concept of creating a Wiki on the government’s draft National Education Policy (NEP) to democratize the policy discourse.

The Wiki is at  The idea is to have an open platform to deliberate, publically collaborate and find realistic solutions for the challenges plaguing the education sector and influence the policy in a participatory manner.

It is a collaborative, productive and a transparent platform for public discourse on education policy.

The two official documents give a distinct idea of the contours of the NEP: One by the Committee for Evolution of the New Education Policy, headed by TSR Subramanian and the second by the MHRD titled ‘Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy 2016.’

The MHRD has also invited comments on the document with a deadline of July 31 to be mailed at – NEP [email protected].  Both the documents are open to discussion on the platform- NEP Wiki.

Wiki provides a transparent process wherein one can read the comments of all the others, as opposed to each one sending in suggestions unknown to other citizens.

It is a more collaborative approach since before making a comment, one can see all the other points of views and therefore build on the contributions of all.

Source: Times of India