The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) clamped down on the way schools recruit principals by making changes to the bylaws governing superannuation.

Now only national awardee principals will be eligible to continue at their post after the age of 60 and that too only with prior approval of CBSE.

Until now, the process was fairly simple with even state and CBSE awardees being allowed to continue as principals till the age of 65, and that too without any intervention from CBSE.

This is the second change CBSE has made in the last one month to its bylaws that controls recruitment of principals.

Though CBSE did not give any reason for the changes, sources say it’s part of the central board’s ongoing drive against familyowned schools that promote their kin as principals.

The other decision includes rejigging the principal selection committee to include CBSE plus state government nominees.  This effectively finished off the monopoly school management had on principal hiring.

The decision on superannuation has come with another rider of age cap.  CBSE has pretty much made it clear that after the age of 60, principals can get an extension of only two more years.

Source: Times of India