India will honor its Bravehearts children this Republic Day. This year, the National Bravery Award will be bestowed upon 18 Bravehearts who have shown extreme courage. Of this 7 are girls and the rest 11 are boys. All of them, except the 3 posthumous awardees will receive their medallion from the President Ramnath Kovind and be a part of the Republic Day Parade.

Here’s an insight into these Bravehearts’ life

  • Karanbeer Singh of Ganguwal, Amritsar 

This 17-year old saved the lives of his fellow passengers when their school bus plunged into a drain carrying 37 students including him. His quick-wit rescued many people and reduced the death toll. The unfortunate incident claimed 7 lives and 11 were left severely injured.

  • Netravati M Chavan of  Bagalkot, Karnataka

This 14-year-old, class 7 student died while trying to save 2 children from drowning. While she saved the life the 16-year-old Muthu but she couldn’t save 10-year-old Ganesh and went down with him. Her father will be accepting the award on her behalf.

  • F Lalchhandama

Another braveheart who lost his life trying to save his friends from drowning in the Tlawng river. Unfortunately, none of them survived.

  • Mamata Dalai of Kendrapara, Odisha

This 6-year-old was bathing with her friend in the Asanta Dalai pond when a Crocodile attacked her friend. She fought with the crocodile to save her friend.

  • Sebastian Vincent of Allepey 

Vincent saved his friend from being run down by a train when he was trapped in the railway track.

  • Nazia of Agra

This Braveheart helped the police in busting a betting racket in the Sadar Bhatti area of Agra just by gathering information about them.

  • Pankaj Semwal of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

This 16-year-old lad saved his mother from a leopard attack in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

  • Zonuntluanga of Mizoram 

The young lad saved his father, a fruit-collector who collected fruits from the forest, from a bear attack. the young man’s presence of mind and counter-attack saved his father who suffered severe wounds.

  • Betshwajohn Lyngdoh Peinlang of the West Khasi Hills

the 14-year-old saved his 3-year-old brother from a fire that broke out in their thatched house.

  • Laxmi Yadav

This Braveheart prevented survived a sexual attack attempt by her sheer courage and presence of mind. the 16-year-old fought with her abductors, stole the keys of their bikes and ran away to the police to report this incident.

  • Samridhi Sushil Sharma of Gujarat

the 17-year-old fought burglars who came to plunder their house. Despite having severe cuts and injuries she prevented them from looting the house. She had undergone surgery after the incident and another surgery is required for her ring finger.

Source: NDTV