School is an essential part of every kid’s life. In fact, we spend most of our lives in the shackles of a school.

While some like it others like the Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore hate it. Well, he isn’t alone most kids hate school life. Even those who like it, are generally there for the love of having a friend. So, it’s almost universal that kids abhor the school curriculum. The tedious and tiresome process doesn’t make it our second home.

To remedy this, the Maharashtra Government has come up with an excellent alternative. How about bringing the school to home? Not your second home but your real home. Here’s how is it being done.

What is it?

Homeschooling is a less explored concept in India, but it has a growing interest, nevertheless.

In this regard, the Maharashtra government on January 10, 2019, launched ‘Open SSC board’, an initiative that encourages students to pursue schooling from home, reports The Better India.

The Necessity of This

State Education and Sports Minister Vinod Tawde, said in a report published by The Indian Express, “At the age of 10, you can appear for class 5 exam, at the age of 13 for class 8 exam, and as a 15-year-old for class 10 (SSC) exam.”

Many students quit their passions when they enter classes 9 and 10 since they are unable to juggle their academic requirements and rigorous schedules.

Who is it for?

Remarkably, this initiative will apply to any sportsperson, artist, or a physically-handicapped candidate.

Indian School StudentsS

State Board Chairperson Shakuntala Kale told Mumbai Mirror, “The application process will be open till January 31, but we intend to extend the deadline. Students who register now will be able to appear for exams in six months.”

How will it help you?

This initiative will help in changing that since students will now have more flexibility.

How to apply?

To register, students will have to submit their identity proofs and school-leaving certificates. The exams are scheduled for June and December every year.

Source: The Better India