Are Skin-whitening Creams Dangerous?

Skin whitening is a big industry, predominantly targeting women of color in every region of the world, with the Asia-Pacific region being the most lucrative. What is Skin whitening? Skin whitening is the use of cosmetic products or services to reduce the amount of melanin, or pigment, in the skin to make it appear lighter. […]

Last Day for Applying to 120 Women Scientists Vacancy with IP Training

Women in Science are very hard to come by. Compared to men, very few women scientists exist. The reason behind this is fewer opportunities and also societal pressure. To bridge this disparity the Ministry of Science and Technology has come up with 120 new vacancies for women scientists, reports The Indian Express. What is it? […]

Soumya Swaminathan Appointed WHO Chief Scientist

March 8 is International Working Women’s Day. Today we celebrate the women in our life. Despite the many advances made by women in various sectors of work, women still don’t get there. So, this day is dedicated for the invincible. Soumya Swaminathan, the newly appointed Chief Scientist of WHO and the former Deputy General of […]

Molecular Biophysicist R Mahalakshmi Speaks About the Protein-Folding Problem

Women in science are a scarce reality. There are actually very few at the top and those who are there often go unnoticed. They deserve to be celebrated. So here we are, bringing you the story of another women scientist. This time it is the molecular biophysicist R Mahalakshmi who works at IISER Bhopal. The […]

VR Lalithambika Leading India’s Human Space Flight Programme

Women in science are quite a rare feat. Despite their hard work many of them still remain behind the curtains. Today we are speaking of one such woman, Lalithambika V.R., who is leading India’s Human Space Flight Programme. Who is she? Lalithambika V.R is a scientist at ISROwho has played a role in building India’s rocket programme. […]

8 Women in UPSC Top 25

This year’s UPSC result is out and as always it offers of tale excellence, hard work, perseverance, and determination. However, one thing that has created history this time, is the success of the women candidates. As many as 8 women candidates have broken into the top 25 rankings. From the mother of a four-year-old who […]

779 Seats Exclusively for Women In IITs

The gender disparity in our education system is going to take a back seat from this year, as the IITs gear up to induct more women candidates. What’s New? The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is adding 779 more seats exclusively for women applicants in the new academic session this year. Currently, 9% women are admitted […]

Digital Skills Training Program for Rural Women, UNESCO-BMZ joint Initiative

UNESCO and BMZ come together to launch a digital training program for rural women. The program seeks to bridge the disparity in rural women by developing essential skills. Night Colleges have been set up in this regard. Already 25 rural schools are digitized under this program. The aim is to equip them with modern technology […]

A Platform for Emerging Women Entrepreneurs – Udyam Sakhi

UDYAM SAKHI is a network for nurturing social entrepreneurship, creating business models revolving around low-cost products and services to resolve social inequities. Women in India can play a very vital role to support the growth of Indian economy by introducing SME’s in a various sector with the support of Government India. UDYAM SAKHI network is a […]

Canada-India Partnership on Female Start-Ups

Carleton University and the All India Council for Technical Education have announced a partnership to support female entrepreneurship “as a key enabler of economic and social empowerment” and promote collaboration between the two countries. The scheme, named Canada-India Acceleration Program, was announced by Canadian minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains during the Canadian government’s recent […]