Karadi Path is one among the two Indian startups selected to be part of Project Literacy Lab, an accelerator for entrepreneurs dedicated to closing the global literacy gap by 2030.

As a part of the inaugural program, Project Literacy Lab has identified 16 high-growth ventures, headquartered across five continents, which are working collaboratively on scaling their technologies and products to combat illiteracy worldwide.

Founded in 2011, Karadi Path now operates in over 1,200 schools, both private and government-run, across 8 states, reaching over 200,000 students this school year.  They have also trained over 6,000 teachers till date.

After a rigorous evaluation of India-based learning models, two edupreneurs have been selected among the 16 promising ventures worldwide under the ‘Project Literacy Lab’ program – Bangalore-based ‘Guru-G’, the mobile app for Indian teachers that’s already led to 86% improvement in student outcomes and Karadi Path.

Pearson and Unreasonable Group will support these entrepreneurs by providing them mentors, access to financing, and a global network of support.

Source: Times of India