We firmly believe virtual internships are definitely worthwhile and can be invaluable in helping you develop your career. We aren’t the only ones though, research shows that virtual internships improve communication skills, show future employers you can be reliable, and also, improve your time management skills. All these skills are often highly sought after by employers.

There are of course some drawbacks to online internships. These can include missing out on the office culture, social events and not receiving as close supervision. An intern can pick up a lot from being physically present in the office like how people conduct themselves, body language, etc.

Doing a remote internship does mean you miss out on these things but there are many benefits to virtual internships. As a result, we have selected the top five benefits that we think being able to intern online offers over a traditional office-based internship:

Flexibility As mentioned above, virtual internships offer flexibility to work on your own time schedule. You can do it between your busy school schedule and at any point in the day, just make sure you submit your work when your employer requires it.

Independence – You will learn how to work on your own without needing to be checked-on every couple of minutes. This skill is very valuable and one, employers often look for as they want to hire people who can work by themselves.

Profitable – You will not only save on housing and commuting costs but there also some providers that offer a paid virtual internship or may offer incentives to intern online such as a scholarship towards a future office-based internship.

Multiple Internships – Due to its flexibility, you can participate in multiple virtual internships, thus adding some serious shine to your resume. However, be careful not to overload yourself with too many or too much work as you want to be able to do a good job for each of the companies you are interning with.

Remote Working Experience – Going forward, the ability to work remotely is going to be a skill that is going to be valued by employers and this is a great time to build those skills and showcase to future employers that you are able to work remotely and independently.

Final Thoughts

Though these are not the only benefits to virtual internships they are some of the most valuable ones. It’s certain that an online internship challenges the norm of what an internship should look like. It gives students an opportunity to still gain valuable work experience while juggling school or even a part-time job. By working from your laptop remotely, you have access to companies all across the globe. Making the world truly at your fingertips.