Employers consider the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru to be one of the world’s best universities at producing graduates with the skills they need for the workplace, placing it 38th in a new global ranking of 150 varsities.

Graduates from American universities are ranked as the most employable, with the California Institute of Technology (1st place) leading the pack, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2nd) and Harvard University (3rd).

The sixth annual Global University Employability Ranking published by Times Higher Education is based on feedback from 2,500 recruitment managers from large international companies.

Large global employers based in India surveyed as part of the research revealed that Indian employers value communication skills, adaptability and the ability to work in a team above other non-academic skills graduates may possess, researchers said.

Indian employers also placed more importance than those around the world on flexibility, motivation and the ability to work under pressure, they said.

The findings are drawn from 20 countries and reveal some clear distinctions in what employers consider to be the most important employability skills.

For example, employers in India, France, the US and Britain seek students with strong communication skills, while Chinese and German managers consider adaptability to be the most important trait.

Source: Hindustan Times