IIT-Kharagpur is starting a school on Quality and Reliability (Q&R), a first of its kind in India.

The Institute, which set the trend for engineering, management, medical technology and IPR law education in IITs in India, has now ventured in the domain of quality with an aim to improve the trinity of Process, Planet and People (3Ps) targeting Engineering, Human and Natural systems, a release said.

The School will be truly interdisciplinary in which faculty members as well as students will be from various disciplines, Prof P P Chakrabarti, Director, IIT-Kharagpur, said.

Apart from traditional Q&R areas, the School will have a holistic view on various application domains of 3Ps, he said adding, the aim for establishing the School is to improve the quality of life for the people of India as well as develop quality conscious global citizens.

The School, in collaboration with other academic units in the Institute, will offer academic courses, research and mission-mode programmes in the area of Quality and Reliability, which will bring social transformation, Chakrabarti said.

“It shall also serve as a hub of Intellectual Property in Quality.  The School will be a trend-setter, as has been many of IIT-Kharagpur’s initiatives, particularly those supported by the alumni,” he said.

IIT Kharagpur will have its distinguished alumnus Dr Subir Chowdhury for driving and supporting this initiative, the release added.

Source: The Indian Express