The IIT-Kharagpur has said it will start a ‘centre for science of happiness’, which will not only help students embrace more happiness but also seek to further research in the field.

An alumnus, Satinder Singh Rekhi, is helping in setting up the centre which has been named after him.

The proposed ‘Rekhi centre for science of happiness’ will develop “happy technocrats”, said a statement issued by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kharagpur.

Through this centre, the IIT aims to create an environment for fostering meaningful life, happiness, wellbeing, holistic self-development and positive growth by promoting interaction among students, faculty members and campus community.

It also seeks to develop courses, research and training that scientifically explore the science of happiness, said Damodar Suar, who is in charge of the overall coordination of the centre.

The first national/international workshop on the science of happiness will be organised in August 2016.  Physical space for the centre has been earmarked and very soon the facility will be constructed, Suar said.

Source: The Economic Times