Innovation is a word heard quite commonly on campus at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Everyday, students at this premier technological institution are finding solutions to mind-boggling problems, building devices to make life easier and simply putting in endless hours of research and study.

Born out of one such collective effort is evive, an all-in-one prototyping platform that is useful across spectrum for students, hobbyists, educators and evive has been built and conceptualized by Agilo Technologies, a company founded in 2015 by four students and robotics enthusiasts at IIT Kanpur.

The idea for evive came to them during a robotics competition when they felt the need for a simplified debugging process.  They later developed a testing kit which could test many of the most commonly used hardware and to this features were later added to finally become what it is today.

Offering numerous components and great features, evive is a one-stop solution for all.  It is powered by an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 which allows users to re-program it for their specific needs.

Built-in features include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, an SD card slot, real time clock, timer, USB port, plug & play hardware interface, digital to analog converter, I-V sensing channels and more.  A menu-based visual interface offers a novel way of interacting with your hardware.

With evive, people can learn better, build easier and debug smarter.  It can be the stepping stone for hobbyists and students in their experimental projects, a useful aid in learning for beginners and an instrument for debugging and analyzing for researchers.

The team has also designed learning kits that can be used by beginners and students alike and can be bought along with evive at an additional cost.  The kits – like the Robotic Arm, the Starter Kit and the Home Automation Kit – come with the essential component parts and relevant instructions for assembling them and using evive to control them.

The evive team has also partnered with Robotrix India, an organization that is working towards promoting robotics education in schools in India, to donate starter kits to needy schools.

Source: Times of India