After the recent announcement by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur to offer free statistics courses during the lockdown period, they have announced two new free online courses on data science.

Parts of the course

This time they have offered it on SWAYAM NPTEL platform, which is a two-part course, as below:

  • Essentials of Data Science With R Software – 1: Probability and Statistical Inference
  • Essentials of Data Science With R Software – 2: Sampling Theory and Linear Regression Analysis

What is SWAYAM?

SWAYAM is a programme initiated by the Government of India to provide best teaching-learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged. SWAYAM seeks to bridge the digital divide for students to make them digitally enabled.

Topics covered in the course

First Part

As shared by the institute, the first part of the course is intended for UG students of science and engineering along with those with a basic mathematical and statistical background. It is also suitable for working professionals in the analytics domain. It covers statistical tools that help to work on a small sample of data­ to extract hidden insights. It also covers basic fundamentals of probability theory and statistical inference which finds enormous applicability in the data science domain.

Second part

The second course covers sampling theory and regression analysis, along with popular free R statistical software.

Topics in the R statistical software course:

  • Introduction to R
  • Random sampling with R,
  • Introduction to linear models,
  • Linear regression with R, and more.

The second part of the course can be taken only after clearing part one.

More details Regarding the course

The courses are 12 weeks each and will be conducted from 18 Jan to 9 April 2021. To obtain an e-certificate with logos of NPTEL and IIT Kanpur will require to take the examination on 25 April with a fees Rs. 1000.

Conducted by Dr Shalabh, who has over 23 years of teaching experience, he will impart his rich expertise in areas such as linear models, regression analysis and econometrics to the aspiring students.

To equip the candidates with the new tech such as data science, AI, cybersecurity and more, IIT Kanpur has designed many relevant courses for the tech enthusiasts. This free two-part course on data science will add up to their exceptional line of offerings for data science learners.

Src: Analytics India Magazine