IIT Delhi organised an open house where students displayed projects that could be used to provide solutions such as

  1. A reader for the visually challenged.
  2. A system to print cheap Braille books.
  3. Nanomaterials that can remove effluents.

Other projects included ways to treat waste.

The Braille books can help the visually challenged understand diagrams, maps and shapes in textbooks. The textbooks include tactile graphics and figures in subjects.

The model has been developed by Centre of Excellence in Tactile Graphics (Co ETG), set up to empower persons with visual impairment by providing such diagrams in high-quality tactile form at a low cost.

Others showcased bamboo structures as a sustainable alternative to cementand-steel columns.

The institute has been organising open houses for 12 years. Some projects make it beyond the prototype stage and become products.

Source: Times of India