In a world that is still trying to understand and help the differently-abled, IIT Bombay’s social activities body Abhyuday is organising a two-day festival to celebrate people with disabilities.

The festivities themed “I am not disabled, I am differently-abled” will take place on January 21 and 22, 2017.  Unlike last few years, there will be no celebrity appearances this year.

The festival will feature events ranging from talks by former army captains to cultural programs and workshops.

The cultural performances will include music, dancing and dramatics by the differently-abled along with a Kathak performance by Sukriti.

The key speakers during the event will include Shri Pravin Dixit, a former DGP from Maharashtra.

There will also be a lecture panel by IIT Bombay professors on technological aid for the differently-abled, which will include a discussion Assistive Technology to enable blind people and several mega R&D projects.

The events will also focus on unsung personalities like:

-Dr Subodh Kumar Singh, a renowned plastic surgeon whose team had changed the lives of many born with cleft lips.

– Praveen Tyagi, who provides free coaching every year to 50 girls who are picked from rural areas of Maharashtra.

– Prof Sandeep Desai, who travel on trains interacting with people to raise funds to run English medium schools for underprivileged children in rural Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Last year, the festival saw more than 8000 from over 150 colleges and more than 50 NGOs.

Source: The Indian Express