People working in the management sector are in for a surprise as IIM, Bangalore gears up to introduce a brand new certification course in management. This short-term course will be an elixir for most management aspirants and working professionals.

What is it?

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, will introduce a certification course on General Management Programme for Young Leaders in the coming academic session. This will be a weekend programme meant for young working professionals.

Area of Expertise

Ten core management courses are offered as a part of the certificate programme, which includes economics, organization design, communication, business statistics, and analytics, accounting for decisionmaking, marketing, operation management, human resources management, corporate finance and strategic management.

According to MS Narasimhan, programme director of the course, the first five courses are taught as a foundation for management, and the remaining five courses will be taught as functional management.


It’s a year-long part-time course meant for working professionals or students looking to enhance their skill.


INR 3,00,000 (excluding GST)

How to apply?

To apply for this certification program visit their website and follow the instructions given there.


Eligibility criteria: Graduation plus minimum three to five years’ work experience.

Career options: The programme is for working executives.

Why should you opt for it?

Young professionals take higher roles and managerial responsibilities at a relatively younger age of their careers. Many of them also work for startups and SMEs where they need to think beyond their technical knowledge, and they need to have a big picture of running a business set up. “Many young leaders struggle and get confused about their decision-making abilities. They look for support to speed up their learning curve and to make informed decisions,” added Narasimhan.

How does it help you?

IIMB designed the certification course keeping in mind the challenges faced by young professionals and having close interactions with industry. The programme provides a strong foundation in management and creates confidence in handling tough problems.

Total number of seats: 75

Deadline: May 1, 2018 (Early Decision); June 1, 2018 (Last Date).

Duration of the course: One Year (week-end).

Applications invited: From young leaders with 3 to 5 years’ work experience.

Source: Times of India