Humanities and social sciences have emerged as a diverse stream leading to wide-ranging careers

The humanities or social sciences primarily include subjects such as literature, sociology, psychology, political science, history, as well as other fields like journalism, media studies and communications, social work and gender studies.

Today, being an arts student is not like what it was a decade ago.

Apart from traditional careers, like teaching or the civil services, students are opting for careers such as corporate law, jobs with banks and other financial institutions, hotel and tourism services, etc.

Recent trends show that career prospects after an arts degree depend on the type of course completed, the most common being English, economics, comparative literature, international relations, and marketing communications, etc.

Here’s a list at varied options:

  1. Media (print and broadcast)
  2. Public relations
  3. Event management
  4. Interpreter or translator
  5. Advertising industry
  6. Content technical writing
  7. Counselling
  8. Museums (curator)
  9. Human resources
  10. Psephology
  11. Linguistics

Source: Times of India