Internships are an excellent option for any college student or new graduate. For those businesses, internships provide a great way to dip into and assess a deep talent pool. A good internship will, at the very least, add some experience to their CV. In the best-case scenario, it may lead to a full-time job with the firm.

Find an Internship That’s the Right Fit

Internships provide experience and help you build the skills to develop a career. As much as you may want any position, taking the wrong internship may set you on the wrong path. If you’re not a good fit for the position, you’re also less likely to be able to turn it into a full-time job.

Make a Good Impression

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Try to make sure that you’re showing them the best of yourself. That starts with being on time and on point with any application process for the internship.

Before you start your internship, find out as much as you can about the business.

Establish Goals & Expectations

When you start an internship, an organization often sits you down to discuss the role you’re going to play. It’s tempting to approach this process passively. Many interns will sit across from a supervisor, nod, and agree to everything they say. It’s important to respect any supervisor and deliver what they want from you, but it’s also good to speak up.

If you’re unsure of anything about your role, make sure to ask. Beyond that, it’s also good to ask for some overarching goals.

Show a Strong Work Ethic

No firm, no matter how high-level it may be, will expect you to deliver a faultless performance from day one. Nor will an organization expect you to know everything about your role as soon as you arrive. You’re allowed to ask questions and even to make mistakes.

You must establish and display a strong work ethic. Make sure you show a willingness to get all assigned tasks done on time. That may mean working longer hours or taking on extra responsibility. But be careful not to take this to the extreme. Make sure to approach those tasks with enthusiasm.

Be Proactive & Demonstrate Initiative

Remember throughout your internship that you’re there to learn and to develop. When you complete tasks, use your initiative to find other ways you can help out. What you’re shooting for is to be as productive as possible when you’re at the workplace.

Show a Willingness to Learn & Improve

Attend workshops and seminars, and ask lots of questions. It will help show your dedication. It also makes it easier for you to judge if you want to work at the firm full time. As well as learning about the business, an internship should provide you the opportunity to learn about yourself.

Develop Your Network

Being an intern at a big company can bring a wide range of benefits. As well as experience and the opportunity to learn, it also puts you in touch with a whole new group of people. Developing a good rapport and friendly relationships with colleagues is crucial for any intern.

Getting on well with those around you makes it easier for you to work as a team.  If your colleagues see you as a valued team member, they might lobby on your behalf to get you a full-time position.

Be Clear That You Want a Full-Time Role

Ensure that you’ve made it clear during your internship that a full-time role is what you’re looking for.  When it feels appropriate, tell a superior that you’d like to work at the business full time. It will show your level of passion for the company. It also means you’ll be in their mind if and when a permanent position does become available.

Making Sure a Business Will Miss You Too Much

To turn an internship into a full-time job, an intern must convince their employer that they’re invaluable. You must prove that the business will miss you if they let you go. Show a willingness to work hard, even on tedious tasks. Demonstrate a desire to learn and to improve. Become a valued and popular member of the team. Do all that, and you’ll have the best chance of going from an intern to a permanent employee.

Src: First Hand