Millions of candidates enter the ever-competitive job market sectors with lofty dreams and years of dedication. As long as the job opportunities can never equalize the job seekers, one needs to know how to drive people to them, and that’s where most individuals fail. Employers frequently look for “extras” in candidates beyond their academic records. However, these “extras” can only be obtained outside the echo chamber. Therefore the shift must begin with oneself. Let us see some of the tips and tricks that will help a fresher become more employable.

Career planning is a must

Candidates must consider their interests and skills and have a clear idea on what they want to reach out in their careers. As a result, having a well-thought-out career plan is critical.

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Communication is the key

The cornerstone of your success is your ability to communicate effectively.  Even if your performance isn’t up to par, if you can get on well with people, you will be considered to a very large extent, regardless of your academic background.

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Resume – The First Impression

It is crucial to pay close attention to the resume you create.

In some situations, you have to send your resume at the beginning of the process without any initial communication to the employer directly. In such instances, a single page of your resume determines your fate. 

Always remember, ” You will never get a second chance to give a first impression.”

Work on your Problem-solving skill

Improve your problem-solving skills by enhancing your aptitude, time management, teamwork, and foundation. Companies nowadays are searching for people who can keep all of their tasks on track.

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Grab the internships

 We’ve all heard that employers look upon the work experience even from a recent graduate. So take advantage of all opportunities that come your way, whether related to your area of study or not; you can learn a lot from them.

According to a survey conducted by Compare Camp, 70% of jobs give interns full-time jobs, and 80% of interns accept such offers.

Build up a strong network

Always keep your professional connections alive, These contacts will assist you in enhancing your hiring chances prior to posting a job opening publicly.

Are you apt for it?

Think this question aloud before applying for a job. 

Make sure that the job description matches your skills. Most of the time, a company chooses a candidate solely based on the requirement. As a result, if you don’t want to get turned down, apply for positions that you are qualified for.


Opportunities are aplenty, and competition is fierce. As a result, it all comes down to how you present yourself. Every day, work on improving yourself so that an employer can never reject you. 

Be so good that people can’t ignore you.


Source: India Today